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Residual Inhibition - Type

Data Set 1: Tinnitus Data Registry, 1981 - 1994 Related Data Summaries

Overall Sample Number: 1630

Number of patients responding to this item: 1451sample subset.gif: When the sample size for the current analysis is substantially (more than 10%) smaller than the total number of patients in the database, this will appear to flag that fact.

Test Conditions:      
Residual inhibition was tested in each ear separately if patient had tinnitus
that was bilateral or "in the head". Results shown here are for each
patient's best trial (maximum residual inhibition effect).

Type of RI N %
No RI 173 11.9
Partial RI only 476 32.8
Complete RI only 34 2.3
CRI + PRI 768 52.9
Total* 1451 100.0
* Omits 179 patients who were not tested for RI, primarily because a minimum masking level could not be obtained.
Residual Inhibition - Type
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