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Edition Status

First Edition

The first edition of the Tinnitus Archive was published on 12.Jul.1995 as the Oregon Tinnitus Data Archive. It summarized data from a consecutive sample of 1630 patients who attended the Tinnitus Clinic of the Oregon Hearing Research Center, Department of Otolaryngology, Oregon Health & Science University between 29.Dec.1981 and 19.Aug.1994.

Second Edition

This second edition of the Archive incorporates contents of the first edition (that is, of the Oregon Tinnitus Data Archive), referring now to that set of data summaries as Data Set 1. Those original data summaries have been amplified by adding graphic displays. In addition, Data Set 1 includes several new summaries of variables that were not presented in the first edition.

The major achievement of this second edition is to add Data Set 2, which provides gender-based analyses of all the main tinnitus variables. Data Set 2 is based on 873 patients who were seen at the Oregon Tinnitus Clinic between 29.Dec.1981 and 11.Apr.1989 (some of these data were published in Meikle & Griest, 1989). It should be noted that this group of patients is a wholly-contained subset of the patients in Data Set 1. Because of the large size of this Data Set 2 sample, we believe its representation of the gender-related characteristics of tinnitus is statistically stable.

Interested readers are invited to let us know if they are aware of additions or other changes to the current pages that would make the Archive more useful to them.

Meanwhile, we wish to thank all the patients whose questionnaire and test results formed the basis for the data summaries in the Archive. We merely provided the skeleton for this body of information—it is the patients who provided the substance.

Mary Meikle, Thomas Creedon, and Susan Griest