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Mission Statement

The Tinnitus Archive Mission: Specific Objectives

  • The information contained in the Archive, which is derived from patient records of the OHSU Tinnitus Clinic, is intended as a resource for many different types of tinnitus research, both basic and applied.

  • The Archive presents statistical data summaries in the following general topics:

    • Current status and past history of tinnitus
    • Results of specific tinnitus tests
    • Audiologic status
    • Demographic and general information

Examples of Uses for Archive Information

  • The Archive provides data summaries on such topics as:

    • Etiological factors reported by tinnitus patients
    • The time course and other features of the "natural history" of tinnitus
    • The variation of tinnitus characteristics within the clinical population
    • Gender differences in tinnitus characteristics and history

  • Data summaries in the Archive can supply helpful information for planning the following types of work:

    • Tinnitus classification
    • Etiologic studies
    • Epidemiologic research
    • Treatment evaluation
    • Studies of tinnitus mechanisms