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Pocket Summaries

What is a Pocket Summary?

A Pocket Summary is an abbreviated presentation of many of the data summaries included in a Data Set of the Tinnitus Archive. It is designed as a convenient way to make summary information about tinnitus more portable. Therefore it contains only a subset of Archive material, and its content is compressed into minimal text space.

We have found Pocket Summaries useful in the following settings when access to the full Archive on the web may not be easily available:

  • During research planning sessions
  • During informational meetings or discussions with outside groups
  • When travelling, and discussing or writing about tinnitus
  • When discussing tinnitus over the telephone with tinnitus patients or others

In such settings a Pocket Summary can be helpful for answering questions that may arise concerning characteristics of tinnitus patients. We hope that these Pocket Summaries will function as a Vade Mecum of useful tinnitus information, and that it will prove helpful to others besides ourselves.

If you have comments or suggestions that you believe would improve the Pocket Data Summary, please let us know by contacting the Archive.